About the artist

A passionate artist, making fine art with love and keen to make it accessible to all.

I was born in Nova Friburgo, Brazil, living and working in London for more than 10 years now.
I studied and graduated in Fine Arts with specialty in engraving for the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro in 2004.
After graduating, I travelled to New Zealand and then to the UK. The experience of living abroad, together with the subjects I picked up during my education, shaped my interest in diverse techniques. 
My drawings/paintings and prints are a result of an intrinsic view of everyday scenes and scenes of my dreams. Depending on the subject, I can see a painting unfolding with colours on a canvas or just prompt the planing of a black and white (or colourful) complex drawing.

My artwork; being etchings, woodcut, lithographs or illustrations are the result of constant experimentation and I have been inspired by a number of artists, namely my dear university tutors, Adir Botelho, Kazu Iha and Marcos Varela. 
When I was consolidating my techniques, I became strongly influenced by the works of Frans Masereel, using the cuts to create a joyful and naive storytelling or just intending to create characters for future woodcut projects.

Lately, I’ve been focusing in large scale drawings (or larger than I’m used to) and I usually work on each from 3 to 6 months at a time!